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Day 3: Five Pounds Per Day

Now well into my experiment, I feel both elated and a little disgusted to find so many things that count towards my decluttering weight-loss. 1) I posted my skate bike on an online trading site and within 24 hours had picked up a nice one-speed for J’s birthday. Not bad! Net loss in weight. 2) … Continue reading

Day 2: Five Pounds Per Day

Today, I really got into sorting. 1) It started with a load of laundry, as many good days tend to start. I discovered one of the sleeping bags can be easily washed at home, not at the dry cleaners, so it was added to Mount Laundry. (All told, 5 loads of laundry happened today, with … Continue reading

Day 1: Five Pounds Per Day

Spent all day at a conference and then running a lab test, so the evening went something like this: 1) Put pizza in oven, cleared out dishes from previous night, put on laundry, put on The Simpsons, ate pizza. ~30 mins. 2) Watched The Walking Dead, with seriously sad consequences for the start of Season … Continue reading

Day 0: Five Pounds Per Day

On this week’s agenda: #5perday I’m aiming to lose five pounds every day this week. Yes, this is a weight-loss program… for getting rid of clutter. “The more clutter around you, the more clutter in you. Energy moves when blocks are removed.” – J. Vitale I collected boxes of Stuff for years, and then moved … Continue reading

Hunt for Project Management Software

Hunt for Project Management Software

There are many, many, many reviews of PM software comparisons floating around the internet. Sadly, so few of them usefully compare the functions that I am seeking. I am specifically hunting for a graphical, clickable, intuitively styled application that can export easily to presentations and visually update (with colour change?) as you progress through the … Continue reading