Day 3: Five Pounds Per Day

Now well into my experiment, I feel both elated and a little disgusted to find so many things that count towards my decluttering weight-loss.

1) I posted my skate bike on an online trading site and within 24 hours had picked up a nice one-speed for J’s birthday. Not bad! Net loss in weight.

2) Emptied one cardboard box by compiling it into another (for gifting), and took more empty boxes down to the locker for storage.

3) IKEA construction: assembled and installed glass doors on an old Billy bookcase, both to keep the dust out and to reduce the appearance of clutter in our entryway. Also: secured an IKEA footwear cupboard to the wall, and hung a picture frame.

4) Sorted old AA dud batteries and took them all downstairs to the battery disposal bin in the recycling room. Also took a half-ton of cardboard down after the IKEA construction, and a rogue whale humidifier.

So I haven’t gone through that many boxes, but I have completed periphery tasks that have been on the to-do list for a couple of months. It was nice to take it easy between tasks to play some Boom Beach, watch some TV, hang out for a pint with my sister, and then finish the day with the skate bike trade.

Feeling pretty good! Decluttering is not quite what I expected but it’s not that bad either.

– Items to go: Whale humidifier, old batteries, giant hooks, skate bike, toys.
– Total weight lost: 23.2 lbs (does not subtract bike for J)
– Time spent: 2-3 hours sorting, plus 2-3 hours for odd jobs
– Difficulty: Medium


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