Day 2: Five Pounds Per Day

Today, I really got into sorting.

1) It started with a load of laundry, as many good days tend to start. I discovered one of the sleeping bags can be easily washed at home, not at the dry cleaners, so it was added to Mount Laundry. (All told, 5 loads of laundry happened today, with most of it put away by the end of the day.)

2) Tried on old clothes. Purged spare pillows (3). Collected shipping containers for bottles (3?!). Found an interesting garden riser. (Dilemma: If I keep it outside all winter, the wood might go off, but if I don’t, it takes up a lot of inside space.) Resisted strong desire to plan out the balcony garden for Spring. Break for Boom Beach and Cheerios to gather thoughts and refuel.

3) Realized one blue bin upstairs really belonged with other keepsakes already downstairs in the storage locker. One blue bin in the bedroom was already empty! What is it doing in here?

While contemplating going down to the already-packed-full storage locker, I wisely decided on… taking a break for a few hours to: go on a nice Autumn walk with my brother, check in at the library (and bought 3 books), stop at the local coin dealer (for a good deal on old Canadian coins), and walk all the way back home, and found a large package in the mail. Took 12,000+ steps and added 6.4 lbs to the house. Yikes!

4) Inspired to purge extra weight today to counteract all the additions, I ventured down to the storage locker almost immediately. There isn’t a before picture but suffice it to say, there wasn’t room even for one small box to be added: it’s typically a mess of piled boxes and tents and chairs and even included a giant dowel from which hung a skate bike. Big decisions made: no more skate bike, amalgamated keepsakes boxes, and now have 3 empty blue bins!

Decided to bring last of the cardboard boxes upstairs (2) to finally have all the papers and books and knickknacks in one area for sorting… tomorrow.

5) Dinner. Mindful procrastination from sorting by watching TV: “The Good Wife” (ohh it’s a little ironic).

6) Put away remaining laundry. With more floor space now showing, more dust seems to be escaping, so I did a quick runabout with a duster and broom. Am now considering my action plan for tomorrow, and to try and get a good night’s sleep. (I think a bathroom cupboard reorganization cannot be avoided at this point… And I think I will do almost anything else to avoid going through those darn cardboard boxes!)

– Items to go: Pillows, towels, old toys, sports equipment and clothing, necklaces of plastic beads, some regular clothing.
– Total weight lost: 10.2 lbs (after subtracting the new additions)
– Time spent: 3-4 hours
– Difficulty: Medium


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