Day 1: Five Pounds Per Day

Spent all day at a conference and then running a lab test, so the evening went something like this:

1) Put pizza in oven, cleared out dishes from previous night, put on laundry, put on The Simpsons, ate pizza. ~30 mins.

2) Watched The Walking Dead, with seriously sad consequences for the start of Season 7. No spoilers but ahhhhhhhhhhgggghhhhhh! ~60 mins.

3) Watched Talking Dead, tried to make sense and help process TWD episode. Best one yet of TD. Still reeling from TWD. ~90 mins.

4) Rummaged around for a big bag of Stuff I had collected last week — this was my back-up for any one day this week. (Let’s face it: I knew I’d procrastinate at some point, but no more back-ups.) Took a photo of all of it on the scales: 20.2 lbs. ~3 mins.

5) Put away a pile of not-my-laundry, specifically to get a different photo angle of Blue Bin Mountain. ~10 mins.

And so there you have the whole truth. (I’m just trying to keep it real.) One more thing: a big thank you to J for clearing off the dresser, so I can continue clearing it tomorrow…

– Items to go: Various old books, a set of speakers, a webcam, clean towels, a comforter, and some work clothes.
– Total weight lost: 20.2 lbs (all for donations, but the books are going to the library)
– Time spent: 3 mins
– Difficulty: Easy-peasy!


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