Day 0: Five Pounds Per Day

On this week’s agenda: #5perday

I’m aiming to lose five pounds every day this week.

Yes, this is a weight-loss program… for getting rid of clutter.

“The more clutter around you, the more clutter in you. Energy moves when blocks are removed.” – J. Vitale

I collected boxes of Stuff for years, and then moved to a smaller home and it filled up all the floor space (and closets and drawers). Look at these piles of Stuff! I think maybe it’s finally time to say enough is enough:

My thought process is this: I post awful pics of my space today and get motivated to make it better tomorrow.

Let’s just see how far it goes this week… and I like that five pounds per day is a SMART goal: it’s specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time-based. I am already envisioning the sensation of being in a clear room: Jubilation!

Join me as I wade my way through a familiar land of cardboard boxes and blue bins and towers of Stuff, and I shall attempt to pare it all down, pound by pound.

Know any simple strategies for de-cluttering your home? Please include them in the comments.


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