Review: Cold Comfort Farm

Cold Comfort Farm
By Stella Gibbons

Top 3 words:

  • Adventurous
  • Fantastic
  • Interesting

If Jane Austen had written a non-musical “Mary Poppins”…

“Witty” is a word that is missing from the list above and would have been my first choice. I think a lot of people get turned off by this book because there’s little explanation on the cover or inserts, just some weird pictures to capture your interest. I took a chance and by the end could not put it down!

It takes a while to get into the story: a 19-year-old London busybody elects to live with her country farm cousins after her parents die, but sets off with the intention of transforming their lives one by one to her own satisfaction. It’s brilliantly written, poking fun of every possible aspect of the story; I was literally smiling or chuckling for most of the second half. I can’t believe it was written in 1932, it’s such a timeless and funny perspective of the social etiquette of the times — but not really, considering parts of it were scandalously edgy for it’s time.

Questions to Ask:
1. What was the most memorable quote for you?
2. What the heck did Aunt Ada Doom see in that woodshed?!
3. There’s a kind of turning point in the book, the night of the dance. What changes for you, the reader?


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