Hunt for Project Management Software

There are many, many, many reviews of PM software comparisons floating around the internet. Sadly, so few of them usefully compare the functions that I am seeking.

I am specifically hunting for a graphical, clickable, intuitively styled application that can export easily to presentations and visually update (with colour change?) as you progress through the tasks or modules. Many of the apps available on the market now are text-based project lists with access to calendars and blogging… It’s really not the same thing.

So I wanted to share two potentially good software candidates that have surfaced in my search. I started finding better results with the search terms “mind map project management”.

Note: For those of you who have discovered Mindjet, an amazing task mapping app, you’ll know what I mean when I use the phrase “mind-mapping”. If you don’t, consider trying it out.

So, in the order of preference that I will try their free trial versions, they are:

1)  MindView 4 Mac  — Has a strong integration section with MS Office and seems to do the mindmapping function with ease. The 6 interchangeable views looks intriguing too. It starts at a whopping $249.

2)  Curio Professional  — Has a strong mind-mapping and brainstorming section. It starts at $39, which is a lot more reasonably priced, but obviously offers fewer features.


My search continues… In the meantime though, what I want to know is, why aren’t competitively-priced, graphic-based project management software applications more prevalent in the online world?? Considering how visual humans are, you would think more companies are aiming to develop better apps that can map out your ideas visually and sensibly present them to your boss or your team.

In the comments below, feel free to share the project managing tools that you have used or discovered in your searches. What did you like or dislike about them?


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