Electronics: MYST3RY EGGS!


Set-up: 3 resistors (“3R”) are soldered together in some configuration and sealed inside each egg. (If you think about it, there are potentially 9 configurations with 3 resistors.) The schematic and resistor values are unknown. Three points connected into the circuit protrude outside of each egg.

Activity: Using only a small external DC voltage source, a voltmeter, and extra resistors in their kits, students will attempt to figure out the internal schematic of each egg. To make it more difficult, they are not allowed to measure resistance or current.

Strategy: Can you think of how you might tackle the investigation process? It’s harder than you think. The lab actually starts with just one unknown resistor first, then moves on to the 3R configuration once they understand the process.


One thought on “Electronics: MYST3RY EGGS!

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