Electronics: Control Systems Tutorials

Constructed nearly a decade ago, I helped design and program these 5 online engineering teaching modules with the input from two wonderful engineering professors at Ryerson University, Gosha and Frankie.

Control Systems Tutorials

The project started with a short course at Waterloo University for the development of multimedia-rich learning resources. Mid-way through the summer, we filmed several feedback-controlled machines at Quanser under different conditions. These modules then wrapped up everything (videos, math equations, animations, graphics) using an intuitive design for students to take control of their own learning experience. The tutorials are great for showing demonstrations inside the classroom using real technology and students can then access the information after class, on their own time.

The project happily went on to receive accolades for the profs at various conferences over the next few years. I believe it is still being used worldwide at various universities and wherever “Control Systems” is taught.

Topics covered include: “Basic Concepts”, “Stability”, “Tracking”, “Disturbance Rejection”, and “P.I.D. Controller”. Check out each of the concepts for yourself! Don’t forget to test yourself with a quiz when you have completed each section.


Do you know about or have you created a similar online learning environment? Let me know about it in the comments below and post a link.


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